McDowall Queensland is a small town located in the north of Brisbane. It is situated just outside the city limits. The suburb has a population of approximately 7,237. McDowall is situated in the Australian Eastern Standard Time zone. This means that it is one year ahead of the Australian median.

A number of notable names have made their way into the suburb’s streets. These include Gable, Finch, and Niven. Some of these street names have been in existence since the 1970s, while others have been introduced only in the last ten years. Learn more about McDowall here

One of the greatest things about this small town is its proximity to larger cities. There is a bus service to Chermside, Aspley, and the Brisbane city centre. In addition, there is a shopping centre called Flockton Plaza, which has a supermarket, specialty stores, and other services. Another attraction is the Raven Street Reserve, which is home to 24 hectares of lush bushland.

McDowall is also home to the McDowall State School, which opened in January 1975. The school is named after the town’s first resident, Colonel John McDowall. He was a land commissioner and served as a district surveyor in Maryborough from 1875 to 1985. Also, he was on the 1900 royal commission on the extension of the railway line from Toowoomba to the Gold Coast.

In addition to the local school, there is a Northside Christian College, which is situated next to the North West Private Hospital. The college opened in the year 1985 and is also considered to be the best in the state.

McDowall is also home to Valentine McDowall Park. This park was established in the 1950s when the area around it was subdivided. Since 1972, the park has been managed by the local council. The park acknowledges pioneering work in radio and television broadcasting in Queensland by Dr Valentine McDowall.

Other notable places in McDowall are the Raven Street Reserve, the Northside Christian College, and the McDowall State School. Most of the residents are Australians, and the suburb is well-serviced by a bus system that can take you to local shopping centres and restaurants.

If you are looking for something to do in McDowall, you can try checking out the movie-themed roadways, which are dedicated to noted celebrities. For example, the roads around Chaplin, Gable, Finch, and Niven are themed in honour of famous actors, musicians, and other celebrities. More Hollywood-themed avenues were added in the 1970s.

Finally, if you need to find a hotel, McDowall offers a limited number of accommodation options. However, you can find a number of apartments and condominiums in the suburb. Many of these units are modern townhomes, which offer guaranteed rent from DHA.

McDowall is also home to a number of parks and other green spaces. Cabbage Tree Creek flows through the suburb, and there are several linear reserves as well. You can also check out the nearby Bunyaville State Forest Park, which is just south of McDowall. Check it out

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