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We have extensive experience in hot water service services across Brisbane. We offer repairs and replacement systems working with leading industry brands including Rheem, Vulcan, Aquamax, Rinnai and Bosch.

If you live in Brisbane, and you’re looking to replace or repair your hot water heating system, it’s important to consider a hot water plumber who is qualified and understands what is the best hot water unit that will suit your requirements.

Save yourself time and money by hiring our fully licensed, insured, and high quality plumbers. Whatever the problem is, we service homes and office owners with a range of plumbing services 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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Signs that your hot water unit need replacement

Age of the Hot Water System
Did you know hot water systems are expected to last around 8 – 12 years ? If you check the manufacturer’s information they will tell you timeframes. If your in an older property and the life of the system is over 15 years we recommend replacing the system as problems may begin to occur.

Water Isn’t Hot Enough
Are your showers turning cold halfway through or failing to heat up ? Potentially this could be an issue with the thermostat so ensure you have a licensed plumber assess the issue.

Sizzling or Hissing Noises from the Tank
When your hot water system begins to make noise it is often a sign that the heater needs to be replaced or serviced. Its best to speak with an expert to check the cause and identify the problem.

Sludge or Rust Around the Tank
Corrosion around your hot water system fittings means you usually have a leak. Try tighting the fittings. If this doesn’t seem to fix the problem it’s best to call a professional plumber to take a look and assess what can be done.

Problem with your hot water unit? Need a plumber fast?

Hot Water Replacement Brisbane

Hot water is a luxury you don’t realise you need until you don’t have it. Faulkner Plumbers are experienced in servicing hot water units and recommend your unit is serviced every 12 months.

If your hot water unit needs to be replaced, Faulkner Plumbers recommend three reputable brands of hot water systems to suit your needs.

Rheem Hot Water Units
Rheem is Australia’s most well-known and trusted brand of hot water unit. You can be assured of receiving a quality hot water unit when you purchase a Rheem as all units are manufactured in Australia.

The quality can be found in the warranty, and as of January 2018, all Rheem Electric VE and Stellar Electric Stainless Steel models offer a 12 year cylinder warranty. This is good news for all Faulkner customers who purchase a Rheem hot water unit.

If you are unsure on the size of hot water unit that is required for your property, Faulkner Plumbers can discuss your requirements to ensure you get the right sized unit that will provide hot water for all your needs.

Rheem VE-250-400L Electric Water Heaters
This hot water unit is suited for residences with a high usage of hot water – so residences with four or more people. This is the most common hot water unit Rheem is known and loved for.

It’s a reliable hot water unit, with a class Y enamel which prolongs the life of the hot water unit. The anode has a thicker black cap to ensure the protection of the cylinder and so it complies with the 12 year cylinder warranty.

Rheem Stellar Stainless Steel Electric Hot Water Units
This hot water unit is perfect for smaller families or for residences with less than four people. The Rheem stainless steel electric hot water units can come in 50 Litres, which make them ideal for compact spaces or in smaller commercial tenancies where hot water will not be used as frequently. One of the major benefits of this hot water unit is it has no anode, so requires less maintenance and service call outs.

Vulcan & Aquamax Hot Water Units
Vulcan and Aquamax hot water units are also two alternative brands Faulkner Plumbers recommends. These hot water units will be slightly cheaper than a branded Rheem hot water unit, but are made from the same facility in Australia.

Both Vulcan and Aquamax have a 10 year cylinder warranty and are a commercial grade Class Y enamel, to give peace of mind with a quality hot water unit. They also come in 3 sizes: 250L, 315 L and 400L. These are recommended for family homes to prevent the inconvenience of running out of hot water.

All three of these brands are popular hot water systems as they offer maximum efficiency, excellent warranty and a consistent output of hot water.

All electric hot water units must be installed by a licensed plumber. Faulkner Plumbers are experienced in all hot water unit specifications and installations. We are only too happy to given an obligation free quote. We also offer a maintenance service to ensure you get the maximum life out of your hot water unit.

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Our reliable, licenced and professional plumbers at Faulkner Plumbers can help with:

  • Repair and service on all make and models of hot water systems
  • Supply and install on all types of hot water systems – this includes gas, solar, heat pumps and electric hot water heater units
  • Install and maintain hot water for commercial and residential units
  • We provide 24/7 for all hot water emergency services in rapid time

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