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McDowall is a small suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It is located approximately 11 km north-west of the central city. The suburb is home to a population of 7,237. In the 2011 census, the population was 6,818. A lot of people visit McDowall from near and far. If you are planning to travel to Brisbane, it may be a good idea to check out the suburb before making your decision.

McDowall is home to many trees. The suburb is located along the Cabbage Tree Creek, which flows through a large Chermside Hills Reserve. There is also Raven Street Reserve, which is 24 hectares of lush bushland.

McDowall is a relatively small suburb with a population of 7,237. This makes it an ideal place to stop for a quick snack. However, it does not offer much in the way of attractions. Fortunately, it is located in a relatively convenient location, and you can get a few amenities from the nearby town of Everton Park.

McDowall is also home to a primary school. It opened in January 1975. It has been accepted by the Place Names Board of Queensland. It is located in McDowall State School, which was named in honor of Colonel John McDowall. Moreover, it is close to several shopping centres, including the new Foodie precinct at Everton Park. Despite its small size, it has managed to grow its population.

McDowall is one of the most popular suburbs in Queensland. This is largely because of the numerous movie-star themed roadways, which were added in the 1970s. Besides, there are plenty of tree services to choose from if you need a professional to take care of your trees. A great post

Another interesting fact about McDowall is that the surveyor-general of Queensland was a public servant. He was a thorough professional and earned a solid reputation for his impartiality. Not only did he set up a time-standard system, but he also introduced a strict adherence to surveys on the true meridian. By doing so, he had a positive effect on legislation.

For example, he supervised the establishment of the Jondaryan base line, which was the foundation of a triangulation survey of south Queensland. Moreover, he introduced the standard steel tape for ground measurement in Queensland in 1877. Additionally, he supervised the introduction of a parish map, which was a type of land settlement map. His work was important and it has led to better roads, a more accurate census, and a more efficient taxation system.

Other noteworthy facts about McDowall include the fact that the first six streets in the suburb were named after famous movie stars. These include Gable, Niven, Hepburn, Chaplin, and Fontaine. Unfortunately, the proposed names Garland and Fonda were rejected by the local council because of their similarity to the existing street names.

Other notable mentions include the fact that there are seven estates within the suburb. Valentine McDowall Park is a greenbelt that was designated in the 1950s when the area was subdivided. Since 1972, the park has been under the supervision of the council.

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