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Remove Debris from Stormwater Grates

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Stormwater grates are the end of the line for the catchment of water, so they can accumulate with leaves, rubbish and debris. Be sure to remove the grate and scoop out any debris that can cause the water to pool around the grate.

A free flowing stormwater system will ensure your home is ready for storm season. Water can accumulate fast when there is a blockage, and it can cause damage to your home if it seeps under doors. Our tips will ensure the stormwater system you have in place, effectively diverts rainwater away to where it needs to go. If you are concerned on whether your stormwater needs are adequate, feel free to call the Faulkner Plumbers team for an inspection and quote.

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How to prevent stormwater drains from blocking?

  • You should regularly remove leaves, sticks and dirt from around your gutters and downpipes- we recommend doing this monthly.
  • Check your downpipes, small blockages can sometimes be flushed out with your garden hose before they become a bigger issue.
  • Consider installing gutter guards to help prevent any leaves or sticks from entering the water way.
  • Guards can also be installed onto stormwater grates to stop soil and debris from entering those drains, this is another great preventative measure.
  • If you find any blockage that you can’t fix, slow draining pits or water starting to pool around your drains, call a licensed plumber immediately. It is always best to have stormwater drains unblocked sooner rather than later- this can save you both time and money.

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